'97 Ford Explorer XLT (Muldoon)

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I haven't owned it long. Bought it from a friend because I had desperate needs for my own wheels. But here's the run-down of the fixer-upper...

The vehicle runs and drives great. No issues with starting it. However, some other person before I bought it cut off the catyllic converter so the exhaust is quite noisy. We've been adjusting an after market muffler under there with some "tiger patch" or "muffler tape" its makes the ride less obnoxious. We only have to keep re-doing it because the muffler often slips. I'm thinking if you had a couple hose clamps on there it would stay in place.

Just changed the tires on it. But each one is a different brand name of tire. Not sure if that would be an issue for you, b nout it doesn't bother me none. Still runs decents and they're holding air. That's a good thing!

Also there is no sway-bar. So some turns might be a little more risky than you might consider.

The antenna doesn't work for some strange reason. It doesn't pick up any radio stations. But theirs other ways to listen to tunes with her stereo system still intact.

And last but not least the 4-wheel drive doesn't work. It's a shame because this thing would be one hell of an off road vehicles. The shocks make the ride fun! But must be responsible about over-using those babies.

Other than those few quirks and a few minor cosmetic dings, like scratched paint (no dents of missing pieces), this ol' beast is a trooper.

I can get the title from the owner prior to me. I don't have it in my possession yet but there's nothing to it for me to get it in my hands and onto the next owner. And, of course, I have the key to start it. I know what chaos it is to buy a car from someone and then they have some funky way of starting it. But not for this vehicle.
The price might be negotiable, propose an offer and I'll let you know. Also I might be willing to accept a trade. The vehicle must run and drive and no major work needed. Or a decent motorcycle would be okay too. I've got too many things to do to have to work on it before I can use it, haha.

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