Tamworth Meat Pigs Available (Sterling)

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We have Tamworth hogs ready for slaughter. Lots of options available- we have some that are already USDA inspected, slaughtered, and wrapped for sale at $7.50 per lb based on hanging weight. The first batch that went to market were between 215 and 244 lbs hanging weight. If you are more of a do-it-youselfer we can help slaughter, power wash and load into your truck on the farm, or we can drop it at your favorite local butcher. $3.50 per lb live weight if you pick up from the farm. We will also have piglets soon. Tamworth are a hardy Alaskan breed, they have an excellent meat to fat ratio and are amazingly tasty. They make incredibly meaty bacon, excellent steaks, chops and sausage. Our hogs eat Alaskan raised crops of Delta Barley and Peas- they also receive small mineral rations and 15% of their diet is a hog concentrate to give them the protein they need for healthy growth. They also get occasional treats of farm fresh chicken eggs and goats milk. Our hogs live in large pens and have an enjoyable environment where they can run around, wrestle with each other and root up trees and dig in the dirt. Custom cuts available on the next trailer load of hogs that heads to the USDA facility in Palmer. Get your whole hog cut how you’d like for $7.00 per lb hanging weight. (cleaned carcass, no intestines) 1/2 and 1/4 hogs available, upon request- lots of options. Call for a farm visit and discuss your options available. Six 9 zero two 4 8 six

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