Helper - Helper LLC - Gig Work (Wasilla)

compensation: $20 per hour plus tips

My name is Aidan Brion and I am the owner of Helper LLC. My company offers help with small and odd jobs to the people of Alaska. I founded the company on 5/30/24 and as a result I am still working on the foundations of the business. We can help with basic yard care, moving, cleaning and other types of manual labor. For my first customer, I raked her yard, helped her move, helped her unpack her things, built furniture for her, helped her set up her computer & WIFI. There is a huge variety of things we can help with. We cannot however help with things such as construction, carpentry, mechanical repairs and other skilled trades.

I need gig workers or independent contractors to help me expand across Alaska. This should be viewed as an opportunity for supplemental income and occasional work rather than something full time. I can work around your schedule and preferences. There is potential for travel, to meet new people, learn new skills and more. The pay rate is $20 an hour plus tips.

Ideal Candidate:
-I need someone who understands how to build and maintain relationships with our customers. You are representing the company and by taking care of the customer you can be sure that they will show their gratitude.

-I need someone who is comfortable with technology. I will most likely add you to a community app for the company. This could take place on programs such as Microsoft Teams, or Discord. If selected for an interview, I would probably interview you online over Zoom or another platform. Text, video calls, sending and receiving photos. Etc. are all examples of things that could take place frequently.

-I need someone who is comfortable with physical labor. Most jobs will require you to act as muscle in some way. You might be on your feet for a few hours to all day long. You could be in the hot sun or you could be out in the cold (during the winter). You might have to lift heavy objects repeatedly. You might have to get on your knees, crawl around, dig and get dirty.

-You will need reliable transportation.

-You will need the tools for the jobs you accept. For example, if you accept a job to mow someones yard, you should have a lawn mower and anything else necessary.

What you will enjoy,

-As previously mentioned this is an opportunity for supplemental income or occasional work. You will earn $20 an hour plus tips.
-You could travel across the state.
-You will get to help people
-You will have the ability to accept or decline jobs as you please. So we can work around your preferences and availability. If you don’t like the sound of a job, you don’t have to take it.
-The job is dynamic, adventurous and exciting.
-You will get to learn new skills.

If you are interested please email Helper.LLC@protonmail.com with your resume.

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