JEEP JK Wrangler Hard Top by GR8Top - $2,995 (Wasilla)

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NEW! GR8TOP Recruit JKU 4-door Half Hardtop Kit for 2007-2018 4 door JK Jeep Wrangler
$2835 before shipping! Comes with Freedom Panels. ClearLidz are also available!

This half hardtop for 2007-2017 4-door Jeep Wrangler JKs turns your Jeep into an entirely new vehicle. You get the quietness and security of a hardtop that retains the ability to remove your Freedom Panels at will, but the top is easily removed by just one person. A GR8TOPS Recruit half hardtop gives you a functional bed for hauling anything from wet hunting gear to a load of mulch to yard tools — anything you wouldn’t want in the Jeep with you.

Proudly Made In The U.S.A.

A custom-engineered bulkhead molded specifically for the JKU to seal the bed.

No seat legroom is sacrificed — with the Recruit installed, the rear seat still reclines at the same angle as factory.

If the half hardtop is removed, the OEM hardtop still installs easily without removal of the bulkhead.

Bed length from tailgate to bulkhead is 24″.

You retain the factory sound bar.

The kit comes with the following items:

-main rear section of half hardtop (1 piece) with rear window cutout (in primer unless an optional finish is ordered)
-lower bulkhead closeout panel that closes out the cab (in primer unless an optional finish is ordered)
-1 rear sliding metal framed window and necessary mounting screws
-1 Freedom Panel mounting gasket – installed onto main section of hardtop to seal Freedom Panels to hardtop

1) The factory exterior finish on the MOPAR freedom panels does not exactly match the black texture on our tops. If you purchase freedom panels from us and have your top textured, we will texture the freedom panels at the same time so they match exactly.



The GR8TOPS JKU Recruit half hardtop installs to the jeep body and bulkhead using included standard bolts, nuts and fender washers. The bulkhead is installed using included self tapping sheet metal screws to the interior wheel wells. The rear ledge fastens to the bulkhead and the body rail using standard included bolts and washers.

This hardtop kit consists of two pieces: the hardtop itself and the lower bulkhead panel. The lower bulkhead panel (shown above) can be installed using weatherstrip tape against the body of the Jeep and requires drilling 8 3/8” holes in the floor and wheel wells of the Jeep for mounting. The bulkhead conforms very well to the wheel wells, but additional sealant may be required to completely seal the bulkhead. We recommend using a urethane based automotive body seam sealer which we also carry. Many customers also permanently seal their bulkhead in place by installing a spray-in bedliner in the bed. Tops come standard in primer.

This hardtop requires modification of your existing factory rollbar. The top will fit over the front section of your factory rollbar but the rear “kickers” or C-pillars must be removed. The rear mounting point on the rollbar is spot welded and requires drilling out multiple spot welds on the cage for removal. This kit requires cutting the factory sport cage. When altering the factory sport cage, you are altering the original safety characteristics of the vehicle. Owner assumes all risks associated with altering the vehicle in order to install this kit. Please see our weld in cage kit available here

If your Jeep has a factory subwoofer mounted on the rear passenger fender well or in the floor, we have an optional upgrade to have a subwoofer pod molded onto the interior of the bulkhead to transfer your factory subwoofer inside the cab. This subwoofer pod will also also fit many aftermarket subwoofers.

The bulkhead is semi-permanently mounted and once sealed in place with body seam sealer it is not intended to be removed and reinstalled frequently.


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